Looking back at the 25th EASAR conference (European Association of Substance Abuse Research)

On May 12-15, the 25th conference of EASAR took place at the University of Gibraltar. The Amsterdam Institute for Addiction Research was well represented during these interesting and inspiring days. Prof. Dr. Anneke Goudriaan was session chair and Dr. Marloes Derksen presented her research results on the use of Machine Learning and associated ethical considerations to improve Jellinek Online Self-Help. In addition, Drs. Maria Schouten presented the results of her clinical trial into the blended treatment of alcohol and depression and Drs. Karoline Huth presented her research into network theory in addiction and depression.

EASAR is a network of leading European research institutes and research supporting agencies which are active in the area of substance related disorders. The object of the association is to stimulate and strengthen European cooperation in any field of research of abuse of psycho-active substances in order to improve prevention and treatment and to contribute in this manner to the wellbeing of people.