The AIAR is a research institute and knowledge network that focuses on innovation, research and implementation in addiction care. The AIAR was established in 1993 – as an extension of the establishment of the first Addiction Care chair in the Netherlands – as an expression of the collaboration between the UvA, the AMC and Jellinek and the Brijder Foundation.

In addition, the Academic Workplace Addiction has been active within Arkin/Jellinek since 2012. Within the Academic Workplace Addiction, researchers, clinicians, managers and science practitioners from Jellinek and Arkin collaborate. The AIAR focuses mainly on collaboration with external researchers, clinicians and organizations.

Research by the AIAR formed the basis of many implemented, regular addiction care interventions, such as structured care allocation, Routine Outcome Measurement, pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and digital treatments and prevention. In addition, the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for addiction and personality disorders; and treatment for ADHD in SUDs through coaching and medication, originated in (randomized clinical trial) studies that took place at Jellinek.

Professors associated with AIAR

  • Wim van den Brink (professor of psychiatry and addiction care 1992-2018; AMC)
  • Gerard Schippers (endowed professor of addiction behavior and health care evaluation from Jellinek and Brijder; 1999-2012; AMC)
  • Anneke Goudriaan (endowed professor of mechanisms of action and treatment of addictive behavior from Arkin/Jellinek; 2014-present; AmsterdamUMC)