Youth In Transition


At the end of 2017, the research proposal ‘Youth in Transition: Addiction trajectories and profiles’ was awarded by ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development). In this study, the Parnassia Addiction Research Center (PARC), in collaboration with a large number of addiction care institutions, including AIAR, Jellinek and Arkin Jeugd & Gezin, investigates the long-term course – from adolescence to young adulthood – of addiction among adolescents in the population.

This is done based on existing data from the Dutch TRAILS population study and in a nationally representative cohort of 420 young people entering treatment in addiction care. These adolescents and young adults (ages 16-21) are followed for four years after the start of their treatment. Adolescents and young adults are approached for participation in this project via Jellinek locations Jacob Obrechtstraat (Amsterdam) and Arthur van Schendelstraat (Utrecht).

Research aim

The study does not only focus on the course of the substance use disorder, but also at the presence of other mental disorders and social functioning. It is examined which characteristics of participants are associated with a favorable or unfavorable long-term course of the substance use disorder. It is also investigated which types of SUD treatment result in a favorable long-term outcome for which subgroups of youth/young adults.

The results of Youth in Transition will make an important contribution to improving early recognition of young people at high risk for chronic SUD and to develop or adapt treatment programs in addiction care that are more tailored to individual young people (personalized care).