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Marloes Derksen

Research Coordinator Academic Workplace Addiction

More about me:

My name is Marloes Derksen and I work as a research coordinator at Arkin/Jellinek. I was trained as a health scientist. In my PhD research I developed an mHealth application together with disadvantaged pregnant women and nurses to support smoking cessation during and after pregnancy.

As research coordinator of the Academic Workplace Addiction, I am involved in the studies that are carried out within the Academic Workplace Addiction of Jellinek. I am active within the research lines: The effect of new treatment methods for addictionFundamental/experimental researchOperation and implementation of E-health; and Innovations in healthcare and healthcare research.

My tasks are diverse: I coordinate studies from pilots to RCTs; I support other researchers in their work through my expertise; I perform research as a senior researcher; and I am responsible for the internal and external communication of the Academic Workplace Addiction and AIAR.

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Involved in the following studies:

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